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GIFTS continues tradition of giving

Pub Date: 4/1/2013

GIFTS continues tradition of giving

    By Paul Tash
    Montana Tavern Times

    Continuing a tradition of giving, the Gaming Industry Friends To Society (GIFTS) charity program donated $24,119 to 45 local entities and individuals in 2012.
    GIFTS is comprised of 58 taverns and casinos mostly serviced by Rocky Mountain Gaming in southwest Montana, primarily in the Bozeman/ Belgrade area but including Gallatin, Madison and Jefferson counties.
    Each participating gaming business contributes a portion of its gaming earnings to a fund that is then disbursed to charitable programs, often targeting youth and needy individuals in the region.
    The program is now in its 16th year, said Rocky Mountain Gaming’s Sid Langehough.
    “We would like to thank the bar owners and casino operators on the Rocky Mountain Gaming route, along with the Town Pump Foundation, for their continued generous support,” he said.
    “I have a drawer full of thank-you cards showing the appreciation for our support and our willingness to help,” he added.
    The top recipient in 2012 was Athena Fisher, who received $2,500 for a personal hardship. The Cancer Support Community received $1,800.
     Groups and individuals receiving $1,000 were Soule Children Memorial, Bozeman baseball, Dick Rothing, Amber Howard, Belgrade Public Library, Thrive, and the Gallatin Co. Food Bank.
    The complete list of contributors for 2012 GIFTS is below.
American Legion Club
Black Bear Bar & Grill
Bay Bar & Grill
Boxer's-Club 30
Bozeman Bowl
Buffalo Bar – West Yellowstone
Bullwinkle's West
Broken Arrow Bar
Colonel Black's
Cannery Lounge
Cat's Paw
Choppers Big Sky
City Center Steakhouse
Mint Bar – Whitehall
Crystal Bar
Eagle's Club #326
Friendly Tavern
Filling Station
The Game
Grizzly Lounge
Gusher Pizza
Hideaway Lounge
Hub Bar
Lucky Palms Casino
Jackpot Casino East
Jackpot Casino West
Jackpot Casino North
Jackpot Casino - Belgrade
Korner Klub
M.R. Hummers
Milkie's Pizza
Plaza Bar
Molly Brown
Rocky Mountain Gaming
Pony Bar
Old Chicago
Santa Fe Red's
Scoop Bar
Stacy's/Old Faithful
Sir Scott's Oasis
Spectator's Sports Bar
Town Club
Two Bit Saloon – Whitehall
Wild West Pizza
Magic Diamond Casino Bozeman #1
Magic Diamond Casino Bozeman #2
Magic Diamond Casino Belgrade
Lucky Lil's - Bozeman
Lucky Lil's - Bozeman
Lucky Lil's - Belgrade
Lucky Lil's - Belgrade
Lucky Lil's - Whitehall
Lucky Lil's - Three Forks
Lucky Lil's - Four Corners