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Montana's carefully regulated, small-scale, limited-stakes gambling is meant to provide a reliable revenue stream to state and local governments, provide additional income to struggling taverns, and to allow another entertainment option for our state's residents and our visitors. It has successfully done all three.

What is the Montana Gaming Group?

The Montana Gaming Group is a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation which has as its mission conducting research and disseminating helpful information to the Montana gaming businesses, their employees, the public and government officials.

The information contained in the pages available at this site is gathered from numerous sources, most of which do not enjoy wide circulation in the public sector, and so may bring a unique perspective to the reader.

The Gaming Group is funded by contributions from business organizations representing almost 2,500 small enterprises that have a stake in ensuring a fair and reasonable operating environment for businesses licensed to offer adult beverages and limited gaming to the public.

Grant Lincoln of Missoula is the group's chairman, and Ronda Carpenter of Great Falls is the treasurer.